Sweaty Palms

Sweaty Palms

Just looking at their feet makes my palms all sweaty. This was from our 13 mile hike to Grinnell Glacier in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park for my birthday weekend in August.



It’s a good thing I haven’t been advertising this blog.  I keep changing my mind about the direction I want to take it.  

Right now I’m working on my novel, Echo.  It’s an action-adventure about a female assassin working for the government while trying to protect her alternate identity as a marketing consultant living in a small town in Montana.  She’s forced to question her rules and her career when everyone around her is falling in love.

I have a deadline of October 31st to finish the second draft.  So, now that the camping and boating are mostly over for the season, and Sadie is back at school I need to put away all my distractions, say no to optional activities and finish this book.  Which means that I probably won’t be posting anything in here.  And that’s a good thing.

So if you are one of my few friends who knows about this blog and actually reads it…thank you.  Please know I appreciate your support, and that I’m writing every day, just not here.

See you in November.  JK


The Line

I live in northwest Montana where pine is the predominant tree, where rivers are clean and full of healthy fishes.

You won’t find sand here.

So, I drew my line into the gravel and dirt.  I marked it across the river trail my dog and I walk almost every day.  I used a stick covered in bark, moss, and a bit of dog slobber.

The line separates the beginning of this blog, which became a place of healing the loss and heartbreak of losing my dad, from the next phase, which will hopefully be A Readable Feast.

Last month I celebrated my birthday, and although I’m not Jewish, last week we celebrated Rosh Hashanah.  A time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and re-creation.

I haven’t come up with a set of rules or definition for the next phase of this blog.  For now, I’ll sprinkle it with random thoughts from the river trail.

I’m a Writer working on an action-adventure novel.  I spend many hours and days alone in my writing room.  I come here, to this blog, to share and connect.  Feel free to comment, disagree, share.

I’m committed to submitting at least two pieces a week.  I assume a theme will emerge after a while.  The theme may end up simply being ME.  I started A Readable Feast as a place to share recipes and advice with my daughters, but I tend to write those words in private, so this will most likely be a journey of personal re-creation.

My sister gave me a coffee mug for my birthday that reads: Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself. Unknown

I love that.  I love the mug.  I love it that my big sister gave it to me.

My grandmother’s sister, Lila will be 102 in November.  If I get to live that long, I am exactly half-way there.  So here’s to creating the Jana I will be for the next half of my life.

Talk with you soon.  JK