It’s a good thing I haven’t been advertising this blog.  I keep changing my mind about the direction I want to take it.  

Right now I’m working on my novel, Echo.  It’s an action-adventure about a female assassin working for the government while trying to protect her alternate identity as a marketing consultant living in a small town in Montana.  She’s forced to question her rules and her career when everyone around her is falling in love.

I have a deadline of October 31st to finish the second draft.  So, now that the camping and boating are mostly over for the season, and Sadie is back at school I need to put away all my distractions, say no to optional activities and finish this book.  Which means that I probably won’t be posting anything in here.  And that’s a good thing.

So if you are one of my few friends who knows about this blog and actually reads it…thank you.  Please know I appreciate your support, and that I’m writing every day, just not here.

See you in November.  JK


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